Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a home inspection take?

A: A home inspection is scheduled between 0-4 hours, with the average estimated time of 2 ½ hours per home inspection.

Q: Are you a state certified home inspector?

A: Yes. The Virginia state certification consists of passing the national home inspector examination, obtaining general liability insurance, and completing 50 paid home inspections.

Q: What are your credentials for being a home inspector?

A: Virginia state certification: 3380 000176, NRSB: 3SS0061, AHIT (home inspecting course), NAHI member.

Q: Where is your company located?

A: Ruther Glen, VA.

Q: How quick can you schedule my home inspection?

A: The home inspection scheduling will be based on the home inspection volume. The best effort will be made to accommodate your needs for the home inspection to be completed.

Q: Do you have any references that I can contact, that you have performed home inspections for?

A: Yes. Available upon request.

Q: What is the value or benefit of hiring a certified home inspector, compared to one that is not certified?

A: A certified home inspector is self-satisfaction of knowing that the home that is inspected, will be done by accrued educated knowledge, training, and regulations set by the state.